A novel islanding detection algorithm based on combined of active-passive techniques

World Applied Sciences Journal

Volume 3 - Number 16

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During the last years, growing power demand and increasing concern about the use of fossil fuels in conventional power plants, the new paradigm of distributed generation is gaining greater commercial and technical importance in worldwide. Due to the DGs advantages, including using of Renewable Energy which not polluting environment and has endless nature, the application of DGs can potentially reduce the need for traditional system expansion, controlling a potentially huge number of DGs creates a daunting new challenge for operating and controlling the network safely and efficiently. One problem that encountered with it when using with DGs, is an unwanted Islanding phenomenon. In this paper, a novel technique in order to detecting islanding conditions has been present and the proposed method based on combined of passive and active methods, its performance is much more appropriate than that of previous techniques. The simulation results performed in MATLAB, clearly show improved operation of this method. © IDOSI Publications, 2012.