The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on NF-Kappa B and TNF-Alfa in Lung Tissue of Male Rat

Novelty in Biomedicine

Volume 3 - Number 3

Article Type: Original Article

Background: Regular aerobic exercise improves the inflammatory status in different lung diseases. However, the effects of long-term aerobic exercise on the lung response have not been investigated. The present study evaluated the effect of aerobic exercise on the lung inflammatory.
Materials and Methods: 12 adult male Wistar rats were divided to 2 groups: A: control (n=6), B: aerobic exercise (five times per week for 4 week; n=6). The gene expression of NF-KappaB and TNF-Alfa were analyzed in lung tissue by Real time–PCR. In order to determine the significant differences between groups independent t-test were used.
Results: Aerobic exercise inhibited the gene expression of NF-Kappa B and TNF-Alfa . But there was no significant difference between A and B groups for TNF-Alfa and NF-Kappa B.
Conclusion: We conclude that four week aerobic exercise decrease inflammatory status in lung tissue. Our results indicate a need for human studies that evaluate the lung responses to aerobic exercise.

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