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Background: Primary lung tumors are rare in children; usually, single case reports appear in literature. The collective review cases are also limited, and there is much diversity in reported cases.
Methods: To review the literature on reports of primary lung tumors in children and adolescents, and to present personal experiences of cases with pediatric primary tumors.
Findings: Among the reported pediatric primary lung tumors, some are similar to adult lung pathology, while others are quite different and unique to the pediatric lung. The tumors are mostly endobronchial and the commonly reported cases are carcinoid and mucoepidermoid carcinoma. The pseudoneoplastic tumors, which are considered the most common benign primary lung tumors in children, are controversial in their nature.Conclusion: Primary lung tumors in children are rare and histopathologically diverse. They mostly present as endobronchial and there is usually a delay in their diagnosis. For children with persistent respiratory symptoms and chronic wheezing who are not responding to conventional treatment, the possibility of an endobronchial lesion should also be considered in their differential diagnosis. The author’s personal cases highlight the issue.