Acquired pericardial cyst with degenerative changes rare entityin Iranian Child: a case report

Iranian Journal of Pediatrics (مجله بيماري هاي كودكان ايران)

دوره 24 - شماره suppl2

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Background: Pericardial cysts constitute two forms congenital and acquired. Second form is rare with unusual clinical presentations. Also keep minding, the second form had rare complications, such as spontaneous rupture and hemoptysis. Our article is based on the record of a boy with acquired pericardial cyst with degenerative changes and review of literatures.
Case presentation: A 9 year old boy presented with intermittent, non-exertional, retrosternal chest pain since13 months ago. The pain radiated to the left arm. He denied constitutional symptoms, hemoptysis, chronic cough and sputum production. He also underwent surgery for lung hydatid cyst 1.5 years previously. On physical examination, the cardiopulmonary system was unremarkable. Chest X- ray revealed a rounded calcified cystic mass along the left cardiac border. A intrapericardial cyst was seen at thoracotomy. Histologic examination of excised lesion shown cystic wall including dense fibrous connectivetissues with calcification, focal ossification, aggregation of amorphous material containing cholesterol crystal and chronic inflammatory cells infiltration. Mesothelial cells lining was not found. He had uneventful postoperative period and was symptoms free when seen six months later in the clinic.
Conclusion: Acquired pericardial cyst has exceptional features in location of the cyst, macroscopic and microscopic pathology, and clinical presentations. Some of patients have past medical history of tuberculosis, hydatid cystand other infectious diseases. Therefore, more investigations including serology for hydatid disease, search for specific granuloma, acid fast bacilli and … are highly mandatory.