Prestimulation of Human Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells with IFN? Do Not Change its Paracrine Effect on Cancer Cell Lines A549 and K562

Cell Journal (Yakhteh)

Volume 16 - Number Suppl.1

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Objective: Cancer is the leading cause of death in economically developed countries and the second leading cause of death in developing countries. Despite large volume of research and trials, there is still serious need for more effective and less toxic medicines. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy is a vastly growing area of research which is rapidly moving toward clinical applications including cancer therapy. In this regard two groups of results were obtained by scientist. First are studies which display anticancer effect of mesenchymal stem cells and others showed tumor promoting function of these cells. However parameters such as MSC source and tumor type are detrimental. In this study we are going to investigate if prestimulation of MSCs with IFNγ can make them active against cancer cell lines A549 and K562. Materials and Methods: MSCs were first stimulated with 20 ng/ml IFNγ, then MSC secretome was collected and applied on tumor cells. Cell proliferation was measured by BrdU assay and apoptotic potential evaluated by Annexin V-PI staining. Results: The effect of MSCs secreted materials on cancer cells did not change before and after MSC stimulation with IFNγ. In other words probable changes in MSC secretome due to IFNγ activation did not lead to changes of its anticancer function. Conclusion: MSC prestimulation with IFNγ does not change its effect on cancer cell lines A549 and K562.