Prosthetic Mesh Repair for Large Paracolostomy Hernia

Journal of The Egyptian National Cancer Institute

Volume 12 - Number 3

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Paracolostomy hernias are a relatively common com-plication of ostomy construction. The aim of this prospec-tive study is to determine the prevalence of paracolostomy hernia at NCI, as well as evaluation of intra-abdominal prosthetic mesh repair of Byers with some modification. The prevalence of paracolostomy hernia was 27.3%. Twenty patients underwent paracolostomy hernia repair between July 1996 and June 1999. The main outcome measures were hernia recurrence together with short and long term complications. After a mean follow-up of 26±10 months, only 3 patients developed hernia recurrence. Two patients developed wound sepsis at the laparotomy inci-sion and 2 other patients developed sepsis at ostomy site after excision of excess skin. None of them warranted mesh removal for wound infection. No other ostomy prob-lems such as prolapse, fistulization, stenosis or retraction has resulted after successful repair. This method of para-colostomy hernia repair is technically easy and has excel-lent results. It is especially suitable in very large hernias.