Ankle Sprains at a Military Male School: Taping Versus Bracing

Journal of Archives in Military Medicine

Volume 2 - Number 3

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Background: Functional treatments are widely used and are generally the accepted treatment for ankle sprains. Regarding effectiveness, comparing different functional treatment options could not make definitive conclusions.
Objectives: The objective of this article was to compare Taping Versus Bracing for Ankle Sprains injuries.
Patients and Methods: All injured individuals with acute ankle sprains received standard advice (rest, ice compression with a compressive bandage, and elevation) at the clinic. After a week, 150 injured individuals with grade II and III sprains were categorized randomly into two groups: one group was treated with tape and the other with a brace for four weeks. Post injury training (proprioceptive and physical) was performed for the two groups. As first outcome parameters patient satisfaction and skin complications were assessed with an organized questionnaire and quantitative scale. As late outcome parameters, the function of ankle joint was evaluated with Karlsson quantitative scale and range of motion (ROM).
Results: The study group indicated that satisfaction and comfort during brace treatment increased significantly. A cutaneous complication in the brace group was significantly lower in comparison to the other group (16.4% versus 51.9%). The ankle joint function outcome and perceived pain was the same for both groups.
Conclusions: Treating acute ankle sprain with a brace was accompanied with greater satisfaction and less pain with a similarly acceptable outcome when compared to taping.

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