Preparation and clinical evaluation of some anti-anorectal disease drugs obtained from medicinal plants

Medical Journal of The Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 10 - Number 1

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The hydroalcoholic extracts of dried ligulate florets of Calendula officinalis L., dried leaves of Plantago major L. and dried aerial parts of Vinca major L. were prepared and used as the main active ingredients of two types of anti-anorectal disease ointments and suppositories. Benzocaine was used in one of the formulations, while a mixture of belladonna dry extract and ephedrine sulfate was used in the other. The effects of both prepared formulations were investigated in patients suffering from anorectal diseases, using relevant placebos for comparison. The results indicated that the prepared drugs were significantly effective in the treatment of anorectal diseases. Formulations containing benzocaine proved to be more effective in patients suffering from hemorrhoids, while formulations containing belladonna dry extract and ephedrine sulfate were more effective in anal fissure and proctitis.