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Implantable ports are used for intravenous infusion therapy and play an important role in management of oncology patients. These ports are best suited for patients requiring long-term therapy (>4 weeks). Implanted ports provide reliable venous access; protect peripheral access; increase patients’ comfort through reducing repeated and difficult vein punctures; allow for safe and comfortable administration of concentrated solutions, vesicants or irritants with minimal risk of extravasations and chemical phlebitis; help patients avoid anxiety related to repeated vein puncture and provide a better quality of life. Implanted port systems and their needles are from a variety of types and materials. They are inserted with a surgical technique through an incision into subcutaneous tissue commonly in the upper chest wall. Implanted ports need some care including: flushing, locking, dressing, change of needle and minimizing the risk of contamination by scrubbing the access port with an appropriate antiseptic. The aim of this review is to provide evidence on managing port systems in order to improve practice, boost patient outcomes and reduce complications and health care costs.

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