Malignant Pleomorphic Adenoma (Malignant Mixed Tumor) of the Minor Salivary Glands

Iranian Journal of Pathology

Volume 8 - Number 3

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Salivary gland tumors accounts for less than 1% of all tumors. Minor salivary gland tumors (MSGTs) are uncommon and make up about 10% of all salivary gland neoplasms. The clinical and histopathological distribution of these tumors vary geographically. A case of a 38 yr old man with a minor salivary gland mass at chin region is reported here. The tumor invaded into the anterior surface of the mandible bone and the surrounding soft tissues. The tumor was resected completely with a safe surgical margin of soft tissue and adjacent bone. Histologically, the tumor is characterized by a biphasic pattern, composed of admixture of epithelial and stromal components, associated with cytological atypia and prominent mitoses. The stromal elements are myxoid, chondroid, and osteoid. The chondroid component is more abundant and shows more atypical changes. Overall, the findings were interpreted as malignant pleomorphic adenoma of minor salivary glands of buccal mucosa.

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