Report of 200 renal transplantations from living donors

Medical Journal of The Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 2 - Number 3

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Two hundred cases of renal transplantation from living donors are reported from Shahid Hashemi Nejad Medical Center in Iran. There were 127 male and 73 female patients with 67% in the third and fourth decade of life. All patients received grafts from living donors with 114 cases of HLA haploidentical, 55 cases of HLA identical matches and 24 unrelated donors. One-year patient and graft survival were 94.3% and 88.9% respectively. Despite the wartime conditions and lack of many modern facilities, the results are quite satisfactory and comparable to many other centers in the world. It seems more logical to replace costly chronic hemodialysis by renal transplantation programs in the Middle East and North African countries through planned and cooperative programs.